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[SOLVED] Problem with ESP8266 and arduino due and uno

hello , i got problem that`s related to HTTP 400 bad on uno and due but when i use the Ethernet shield it work perfectly i tried to play around with the code but no luck and i tried to POST the values manually using serial monitor i get also the same error i hope the someone can help me

could you put here your code, and the all serial response please?

sorry for being late

the only part i change is in the AT+CIPMODE
from ok == null to error!=null

and this what i get

but with Ethernet it`s working good

I has another question, are you using an ESP with due or one, right? mm is very strange it because you have a lot of trash in that serial connection. How do you connect the ESP? and the ethernet mode that you are using is of arduino device, it is totally diferent of esp method of WiFi

SoftwareSerial _client = SoftwareSerial(2, 3); tx to pin 2 and rx to pin3 for uno

for due

( #define _client Serial3 )

i am using serial 3
i am trying on both separately

even when i try to POST manually using serial monitor still same

Pass me all of your sketch please i will see that and give you a good response

ubidots-esp8266-masterDUEGetValue.zip (4.6 KB)
UbidotsunoGetValue.zip (4.5 KB)
here the code with the header files

It is very strange, your method is good but the problem is that noise at your serial terminal. From you files i can see that you are using a get method, right?

yes one question should i connect resistors to the esp ?? cuz i connect it directly with out resistors only voltage regulator and i have tried with ESP-01 and ESP-012 give me the same error

Yes you could try with pull-up resistor

still giving me the same bad request any other solutions ?

mmmm you could try first with an FTDI cable with esp8266 standalone
If see it the you get the same problem

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