[SOLVED] Problem with esp8266 library


Hi everyone,
I have downloaded the esp8266 library from ubidots example but I can´t able to program my arduino uno with it. It always sends message telling me:

no matching function for call to ‘Ubidots::add(const char [25], float&)’
I don´t know how to correct this problem so if there is anyone who have problem like this and could help me i´ll be thanks a lot.
I´m using esp8266 like a wifi module with arduino uno.
Sorry with my english, i don´t have so much vocabulary to talk because i´m from Brazil.


Sorry for the issue i fixed it, could you download the new fix of the library and try again please?


I also already downloaded the library from that page I follow the instructions on the page how to connect it to my arduino one but it gives me errors in uploading the program, and I can not send or receive values from ubidots, please help I am doing a project.


Dear @danbcabr, please keep in mind that you cannot upload this library to an Arduino UNO, the library is intended to be uploaded to ESP8266 based devices. This tutorial may serve you as reference to use the esp8266 as telemetry unit.



Thank you very much for the subject, but I have already read the article that I suggested and I know that the program to send and receive data from ubidots should be saved in ESP8266 but in the article that I mentioned does not say if using the arduino UNO is the same procedure that with the MEGA, and for example in the UNO arduino the microprocessor must be removed to load the program in the ESP8266 or is it not necessary?
Also in this link http://help.ubidots.com/connect-your-devices/connect-the-esp8266-as-stand-alone-module-with-ubidots , you say that you can use an UNO arduino but you could tell me if after selecting the generic module ESP8266 I can already record the code for setvalue and getvalue because I need to combine both codes to send and receive at the same time.


Dear user, the ESP8266 and the ATMEGA328 are two different microcontrollers, you need to create a firmware for everyone one of them if you plan to use both of them for your project. If you plan to combine a UNO and an ESP8266 you have to implement a way to communicate them, we made that in our help article using RS-232 but you may use your preferred communication protocol.

Now, why did we make the tutorial using a MEGA? Because that board has more than one serial port, so you will be able to make debugs, but the tutorial is also possible to be followed using an Arduino UNO, simply declare properly the serial port.

Also in this link http://help.ubidots.com/connect-your-devices/connect-the-esp8266-as-stand-alone-module-with-ubidots2 , you say that you can use an UNO arduino but you could tell me if after selecting the generic module ESP8266 I can already record the code

You can use an Arduino Board to upload your firmware to your ESP8266, simply follow the steps for wiring up from the tutorial.