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[SOLVED] Problem with goblin2 board

Greetings to the community, excuse my English

I recently acquired a goblin plate 2 from the company verse-technology
The example suggested by the ubidots page works very well with the token: “wdkAkgmqmrPgdjM7f1IZ1pkpKb2CSb”
Now the problem is with the new token from another account that is: “A1E-b0VTLCsqrHYp5cmxQ0asi1RNP3vQKz”
With this token it does not work for me in goblin2
I have proped directly with the sim5320A from my lapto with the hercules usb-uart and it works me well, which is very rare
Because this token: “A1E-b0VTLCsqrHYp5cmxQ0asi1RNP3vQKz” works fine on other boards that are not the goblin2
Can help me solve this problem that is very rare

Thank you

Hello @fernandoLHC3

Don’t worry about your English, if you feel more comfortable we can talk in Spanish :smiley:

The issue is with the length of the request, as you can see this token A1E-b0VTLCsqrHYp5cmxQ0asi1RNP3vQKz contains more characters than the other one, for that reason the request is not built properly and without success.

To correct the issue, please modify the the length of the variable SEND to 212, for any doubt reference to the image below:

All the best,
Maria C.

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Como pase por desapercibido esa linea de instrucción, he cometido el peor error de mi vida de lo mas básico en todo este tiempo que llevo programando, que verguensa. Gracias Maria :slight_smile: me fue de mucha ayuda, ahora funciona todo bien.

No te preocupes Fernando, estamos aquí para ayudar a nuestros usuarios! :grin: