[SOLVED] publish a value with more than 2 decimal places


when i am publishing value 6.9336972 as
client.add(“stuff”, 6.9336972);

value is received as 6.93 to ubidots variable. How can I publish a double value without this issue? I want to publish latitude and longitude to the dashboard map.


Hello @KrishanMadushanka,

Which Ubidots Library are you using?


I am using ubidots-mqtt-esp library.


Dear @KrishanMadushanka,

By the moment the Ubidots Frontend is capable to show just 2 decimals from the variable list view. If you desire visualize more than 2 decimals, you have to create a ** Last value - Metric Widget**. Once the widget is created, press the settings icon an select the number desired of decimals to be displayed.


All the best,
Maria C.