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[SOLVED] Sending data from arduino uno to ubidots over wifi module esp8266

@mariahernandez plz can u help me in connecting my arduino uno+esp8266 to ubidots cloud.
I can easily connect my Node mcu to ubidots, but not arduino uno
I saw your tutorial(docs) “using esp8266 as a telemetry unit” but i didnt undrstnd it so plz help me out.

Thank you

Greetings, if you post what exactly you did not understand from the tutorial and also what have you do to connect the UNO, it is easier for anyone at the community to give you additional hints to connect your device. Actually nothing comes to my head after reading your message rather than advising you to follow step by step the tutorial.

All the best

thankyou for reply, @jotathebest as i am using arduino… the tutorial is all about arduino mega and i am new to arduino paltform previously i am using nodemcu and easily connect to your platform but in the tutorial i didnt get about “serial1”

We used the Arduino Mega for the tutorial because it has several serial ports that may serve for debugging purposes, the UNO has only one serial port so you will not be able to debug messages but to exchange commands with the ESP8266. For your use case, you just need to replace the Serial1 port for the only one from the UNO. Keep in mind that with this the UNO you will not be able to debug messages.

All the best