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[SOLVED] Sending data from Ubidots to another visualization (e.g. Power BI)


I am applying all the visualization possibilities in Ubidots but I also want to make a pie chart which is not possible in Ubidots. Is it possible to transmit the real-time data from the Ubidots cloud to another visualization tool (e.g. Microsoft Power BI or alike)?

hello @su1993,

The Pie Chart is available in our business plan, feel free to talk with our commercial team in order to activate it to you.


is it possible to send data from Ubidots to PowerBi? i am happy using Ubidots but one of our clients need same data to be transmitted to powerBi, so please let me know if possible and how ?

Many Thanks

Yes, you can send data from Ubidots to Power Bi. To make this possible you must make a GET request to the data you want to send, then proceed to publish the data obtained where you want, in this case, Power Bi.

Refer to the Ubidots API, you will find all the necessary information to manage the requests.

If you need a tool to manage these requests, I recommend you to check the UbiFunction documentation.

Maria H.

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