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[SOLVED] Sending GPS Location for Map Display

I am NOT a JSON expert … and have some difficulties in trying to use the Arduino library on an Adafruit Feather to report real-time rocketry data including position. The documentation I have been able to find is not particularly helpful in this regard.

I had this working on a Particle Electron/Photon but seems to fail on the Feather.

How do I encode the variable for position (as a formatted string I believe) and transmit via the Arduino Ubidots Library to the server using the .add method?



Hello @KenBiba,

At the moment we doesn’t support the Adafruit Feather board.

You can read our API reference, and get an idea how to build a JSON object.

In your case, if you want to get the position, you should send a JSON object containing the “context” of the data point. For example:

‘{“variable”: {“value”:10, “context”:{“lat”:-6.2, “lng”:75.4}}}’

This is how you should have to build it.

Maria C.

Hello @KenBiba,

The sendall() function is the one to which you should take a look, it constructs the JSON to be sent, for example, if you need to send a unique value in arduino you construct something like this:


In the background, Arduino’s http library construct properly the JSON format dictionary.

Hope it helps you.