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[SOLVED] Sending value of another variable in an event of some other variable

Hi…I’m working on a heart rate monitor project…I need to send an SMS consisting of the pulse rate and the location when my pulse rate gets above 100… Is it possible to send the GPS data when there is an event like pulserate >100 ?

How to insert value of a variable in an event involving another variable?

Greetings dear user, please refer to the article below to know how to access to the variable’s context to send certain parameters using our alerts engine: http://help.ubidots.com/user-guides/insert-the-last-value-of-a-variable-inside-an-event-message

About this question: How to insert value of a variable in an event involving another variable?, It is not possible right now to access to parameters of another variable that is not related with the event to setup.



I, too, would like to send the value of a variable other than the one that triggered the alert. For example, I have an event that senses when a pump is called and an event that is triggered when “pump called” is 1. When the pump is done running, it would be great to send an alert when “pump called” goes back to 0 but include in the event the number of minutes that the pump ran.

Would it be possible to build an event with both variables (such as “pump called” = 0 AND “pump minutes” > 0 and somehow specify the one variable value I could include in the event?

Thanks, Chip


Any chance you could respond?

Thanks, Chip

Hey @chipmc,

If you desire to create an event with different conditions you can simply do it using our new interface of Ubidots Events.

Referring to your request. you can use multiple Sytentics Variables to obtain the timestamp based on the pump state’s changes. Then, with the right timestamps, you could create a new variable to save that timestamp in minutes. In case of the event configurations, at the moment the Ubidots events are just capable to include information of the device which is based, in this case, the information of “pump called”, so regrettably the answer is no.

It sounds like a great idea, so I’m going to talk about it with the team and we will let you know any update!

All the best,
Maria C.