[SOLVED] Sensor Data Problem


I need help Im new to Ubidots. My sensor data changes prior to posting.


Greetings, your value must be float type, not char. Please refer to the official example for sending a single dot and adapt it to your needs.

All the best


Thank you very much for the reply. Yes I tried it earlier but still the same result.


Greetings, thanks for contacting us again.

You are reading your values as bytes from your serial port, and then casting them to float, because of that you just see a ‘1’, because the read() method just returns the last read byte. If you do not know the basics about C data types, I strongly advise you to reference them here as our support bandwidth is not enough to solve these kinds of doubts.

I also advise you to use the basic example that I have just shared with you, understand it, and then just try to create your own custom routine.

All the best.


Thank you very much l will into your advice.


It’s now working perfectly.


Nice! I am glad to know that you found a way to solve your issue.

All the best