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[SOLVED] Setting Update Interval

Hi. I have an IoT Entrepreneur account which is limited to 2 million dots per month.

Using the Ubidots ESP32 “SendValuesHTTP” example in the Arduino IDE, how should I set the update interval to avoid uploading too many dots and exceeding the 2 million dots per month quota?

I’ve tried a non-blocking scheduler and get the message: “You are sending more than the maximum of consecutive variables”.


Hi @AdrianTromp,

Can you share with us the loop() function portion of your code so we can better understand why you might be getting this error:

Furthermore, let me clarify that the IoT Entrepreneur Dots quota isn’t a hard limit, you can send more than 2 million Dots per month, the only thing is that beyond that quota, every additional million of Dots is charged at USD $5 and stored for 2 years.
Now, if you still don’t want to exceed the limit, you need to distribute the 2 millions across the devices you’ll be connecting and its variables. To this and in order for me to help you compute the minimum update rate of your devices, can you please tell how many devices are you going to connect (note that the maximum for the ioT Entrepreneur is 25 devices) and how many variables does each of them will have?

By the way, to control the upadte frequency, you can either use the Arduino delay(milliseconds) function, or use the millis() function to program the update rate without having the whole ESP32 going to sleep.



Hi David, thanks for the reply.

I made a rookie mistake by not resetting the timerMillis to currentMillis after the command…

The updates are working now as they should.