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[SOLVED] Setup event for slider widget to send value on change


I it possible to configure an event so the slider widget will send its value when changed. Using the current choice of events from the drop down one always need to set the slider back to the initial compared value and then back to the new value.

I can use the is “equal to” event but then I need to create 23 events for hours and 60 events for minutes. is there no easier way.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Melt777

Thanks for your reaching out.

Unfortunately, the “on change” trigger condition is not available within the events engine, and I don’t foresee this option in the short term. Rather, as mentioned in another thread, we’re working in Scheduled Events to enable this time based ON/OFF applications.
While I can’t comment in the release timeline, I suggest maybe implementing an MQTT subscription connection for this control variables. Doing so will allow you to send the values from Ubidots to the Argon instantaneously.


Thank you David MQTT is working for me.