[SOLVED] "Shift" in widget not working


Hello, I have another problem. I have graph with lot of points but I can see in dashboard only 500 points without shift possibility. In config widget I activated “shift” but it did not change anything.
What am I doing wrong?

It is my widget: https://app.ubidots.com/ubi/getchart/page/eWU-2gSnVlNKd3FgSKlGg5p8EWM/

Best regards Dexter


Greetings @Dexter,

I’ve performed a small test with 10 dos to be shifted and it seems to work properly, may you try again please?


Thank you for your answer, it’s working as you shown. Probably I wrong interpret what “shift” means. I was think that “shift” add slider to move all graph to backward and forward on all data logs.

For example I wish look at data from last week or last month on the graph or I wish look at all data from variable on the graph.
It is possible?

Best regards Dexter


Greetings @Dexter,

The feature to monitor data on a linechart based on date intervals is available only under our business license under demand, if you want to give it a test you may ask to our sales department to make it available for you once you obtain a business license.

If you already have a business license, please provide us your username and I will ask to the development to make available the feature for you.



Ok thank you, I didn’t know about that :wink:

Regards Dexter