[SOLVED] Something Broke! "Datapoints to display" in graphs not working


For some reason all my graphs are looking all the same, not sure why but the graphs are ignoring the “Datapoints to Display” number, my 1 hour (60 point) graphs are hours long, and my 24 hour (1440 datapoint) graphs are clearly not representing a full day.

Someone change something on the backend recently?


Side note: Recreating graph doesn’t fix it, just deleted and built another 60 datapoint graph and its still way more datapoints (probably the default 500)


Greetings, free educational user license has a limit of 500 dots (and will retrieve always that amount of data), if you need to see more dots you may try one of our business plans. Also, if you already a business plan, please provide us your username and your public dashboard link to check.



Yeah I am on a business plan



Greetings @jboswell, we could reproduce your issue and right now is fixed, please check.



I am in the education plan and did not have this limitation until yesterday, now I am limited to 500 data points in dashboard widget displays, seems that this limit was introduced now?
in the pricing plan it says “data retention and playback = 3 month” ??


Greetings @markus_e, our apologies for the outdated pricing documentation, right now you can store and retrieve using the export feature 3 months of data, but for visualization and monitoring you can retrieve a max of 500 dots, in this article you can find the updated educational license features information.

Thanks for the feedback about the pricing page, as the actual information may be confusing we will update it as soon as possible.



What is the IoT App Builder mentioned in the article link above?
This mentions custom app pages written with HTML and Javascript. That sounds useful but I can find no other mention of it. I am a business user.



Hi there, I just clarified this with product management. For the time being, the App Builder is a reference to the ability to create custom widgets using your own HTML/JS but is not yet available to be configured as an entire page. Sorry if the description is misleading we’ll update the help-center article to reflect this more accurately.