[SOLVED] SQL database to Ubidots


I am new to this. Wanted to ask is it possible to send data from SQL to ubidots?

If there is any documentation about this please share me the link. Already google it but no result.

I have a project using Cimplicity. Where the data would be send to ubidots and later I want to access the data using Smartphone.

So for now, the Cimplicity store data in SQL server, and I would like for the data to be send to Ubidots. But, currently I have no idea how should I do this.

Hope anyone can help me.
Idea and suggestion would be great.


Hello @Izzar,

At the moment we don’t have an example to manage data between a SQL and Ubidots, but it’s totally possible! Below are some of the ways you can get it done:

  1. Take as a reference this stored procedures sample which shows how to handle an HTTP Request with the data hosted in SQL. At this point, you should modify the request to the Ubidots API.
  2. Build a script with the desired programming language to extract the value from the SQL, and then make the request to Ubidots following the API.

All the best,
Maria C.