[SOLVED] Starting with Arduino MKRzero


Hello, i will start a project with an Arduino MKRZERO, this board has the same chip as the MKR1000 (SAMD21 MCU) but this board hasn’t wifi, instead i will use this GPRS/GSM shield https://cdn-shop.adafruit.com/datasheets/SIM808+SPEC_20140325.pdf. I’ve seen some users reported a problem with the wifi library, as i’m not using it i’m a little bit lost about how or where start. I would appreciate if someone can give me a guidance about what i need to do in order to use the board with ubidots. Thank you.


Hi there, I would advise you to follow the next steps to begin:

  1. Test the basic GET and POST examples provided by your manufacturer and make sure that you understand them.

  2. Before of sending data to Ubidots, learn how to build properly your POST request according to our REST API. This video can be useful for you too.

  3. Once you know how to build the HTTP requests and the structure that use Ubidots, adapt the examples provided by your manufacture to send data to your account.

Hope it helps you.