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[SOLVED] Step Line Chart Display Problem

Found another bug in the chart widget when using the “step” option. I’m tracking a set of boolean values that only send either a 0 or 1 to ubidots as data points. At the top of the dashboard, you can select the date range your widgets will display for. Using the following data ranges causes the step line chart to list values that are decimal values such as 0.5 or 0.8 instead of the boolean values that were sent to Ubidots: previous week, last 7 days, this month, previous month, and last 30 days.
Using any of the other data ranges causes the data to displayed properly. My best guess is that selecting these date ranges for the dashboard causes the data to be automatically aggregated in a method not specified by the widget options (average, minimum, maximum, etc.)

Hi there, to avoid memory issues with your browser when plotting your data, if the span selected has more than 2000 dots Ubidots will change the aggregation method to mean, that is the reason of that change in your visualization if you select a long time span.

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Thank you for the info!