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[SOLVED] Sum of Variable though Rolling window not working!

Hi there, when trying to make a rolling window summing the variable though the timeseries till a continuously growing number, the rolling window just turns the last variables number, and not the sum!

If using the sum function of the same variable on the dashboard it is possible to make a correct sum, but as this cannot be extracted to a derived calculation, it would be nice if the rolling window could calculate the sum for all time of a given variable though all time!

Or, else is this possible to do in derived function, and if so, what is the syntext?

Sum(“VARIABLE”, “M”) seems not to work e.g. should return the variable over a month if I look at you documentation! Not sure if the works for “Education”?

Please help!/Best Regards, Klaus

Greetings, this notation:

Sum(“VARIABLE”, “M”)

is only valid for synthetic variables at Ubidots Industrial. If you are using an educational account, you should use the sum option and to set the desired rolling window:

I have made a small test and I could compute a rolling window every 5 minutes:

please gently try again.

All the best

Hi Jonathan and thanks for looking into this, but there seems to be some issues!

I am counting bubbles (as SBM of the screenshot and sending every 2 min) over all time (since this weekend), eg… “Sum SBM” and this goes fine on Dashsborad:

But then I am trying to make a Rolling window of sum of 15 days, it do not report this high number, but only the last bubble count :slight_smile:

Looking into the data, it looks like this:

So the sum in rolling Window do not give me sum at all, and not same sum as if making a sum on Dashboard!

Hope this help tp understand the issue! And as I need the sum from the rolling window to make a derived calculation I hope you can help!

Hi there @kbaggen, I have just shared your issue with the DevOps team to give a further analysis. I will come back with you once I get a solid answer.

All the best

Ok, super! Thanks for looking into the issue, much appreciated!

Hi there, any news in this matter? Would be appreciated if a truely sum function could be initiated as this would show the direct growth of yeast expressed by CO2 production, hence, showing the most simple function of microbiology!
/best regards, klaus

Greetings dear user, the issue reported by you is already in our queue of ‘pending to fix’, as soon as the DevOps team deploys a patch, I will notify you.

Please keep in mind that issues at Educational do not have any solving ANS, if you are using Ubidots for production purposes, my advise is to open an Industrial account to get a higher SLA and support.

Have a nice rest of day.

He, he…you did completly lost me by ANS and SLA, but thanks for taking the time to write back! Sure know, this is for free….but the world is driven by intative and just sowing some!

Looking forward to see the fix, and again thanks so far!

Hi @kbaggen, I have had a word from the DevOps team, the issues seems to affect only to some users and it has been difficult to reproduce at our local environment. Said that, it is probably that some additional time may be pass before the patch can be released.

We will be still working on that and as soon as I get a new update I will come back with you.

All the best

Hello @kbaggen,

In case you don’t know yet, there is a new license available that allows you to use the Synthetic Variables module at no cost.

This license is called Ubidots STEM, I invite you to create an account here. Now you can make IoT projects in an industrial environment.

For more information about what this license includes, you can take a look at the next article:

Maria H.