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[SOLVED] Super simplest way for an internet button on Android and Windows?

I am using an ubidots variable (1 or 0) to switch on/of DND on two different Asterisk pbx’s simultanously. Works like a charm.

I am using Tasker on Android to create a simple widget with on/off visualization. Works fine too, but has some limitations.

What is the super super super simplest way (without having to code in different environments) to create a button on Android AND a button on windows, which will set a variable on ubidots when pressed and change it’s color depending on the variable content (1 or 0). This should work on both platforms, that is, when I push the button on Android, it should change status on android AND on Windows (and on any other button wherever I install that widget).

Thanks for any pointer

Hi Dan,

I’d do what you are willing to do, using a framework for hybrid mobile apps like Ionic or the one you’d like to use. That way you can have a web app in your Windows computer and you can compile it and use it on Android, too.

You still have to write some code, but you will share the same code and work on multiple platforms.


Thanks David,
I’ve looked at Ionic. Seems to be a nice prototyping tool.
However, I need something much simpler.
I have in the meantime created a widget with Tasker and a REST plugin. Unfortunately, that “app” is difficult to share.
Anyway, I will continue to search.