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[SOLVED] Suppress parameter ID from widgets

Is there a simple way to suppress the dot ID from widgets such as the Graph or Metric widgets? Most of our users have no interest in seeing the long ID.

Hi there @ctmorrison, actually Ubidots does not plot dots ID but variable and device name related to each plotted value. If you mean to hide these parameters, actually it is not possible, but I will add your message to our feature request queue in order to analyze it for future deployments.

All the best

Hi @jotathebest, I’d like to see the value, but not the device name. Since there can be multiple plotted values being displayed, it would be important to see the variable name prior to the value, such as “temp: 36”.

Yes, I was mistaken about the long ID I was seeing, but your team cleared that up for me via a chat session. I simply didn’t realize I could change the device name from it’s default ID

Thanks for getting back to me!