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[SOLVED] Switch Widget - No working with Manager Users

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the switch widget, which after testing works perfect on my side (Admin / creator).

After deploying and assigning the Dashboard to my customer (organization), it was brought to my attention that the widget doesn’t actuate as required on their end; I have tried with different user roles, and even with the “Manager” role which until now is not able to trigger the events assigned to that button (switch widget).

Please advise on what to do to allow users from a specific organization / roles, interact with the dashboard (triggering events).

Thank you in advance.

@jotathebest @mariahernandez

Hello @mr_3r,

Could you provide us with the following information to perform some tests on our side?

  • Ubidots username (admin)
  • Name of the organization
  • End user name
  • Name of the dashboard and widget that presents the behavior

Before testing the change of state of the switch I would like to confirm with you if we can perform the tests freely. It is important to corroborate this information since the change of state can affect a device that is deployed.

Maria H.

I have sent you the information requested via private msg.


Hi @mr_3r.

I’m Isabel part of Ubidots CS team. Allow me to jump in on Maria´s behalf, she shared with me the information and I was able to replicate this behavior from my side. To this, I found out there was something wrong going on with the device’s permission in your account. I was able to quickly fix it just by removing the device from the organization and then assigning them back. Now, you should be able to modify the switch value as an end-user. Additionally, we already reported this issue to the team so we can prevent it from happening again.