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[SOLVED] Synthetic Variable Delay

I have a device that sends data to Ubidots on a 5min interval. I am trying to calculate the variance, but synthetic variable calculation is not firing on the correct interval. The goal is to detect a change to trigger an event, so missing changes is a problem. You can see the change in raw data from 741 to 782 that did not get picked up in the variance variable.

Synthetic Variable Formula:

Raw Data:

Synthetic Variable Results:

Any ideas on why the synthetic variable is not keeping up?

Thank you!

Hi @Backpacker87,

I hope this note finds you well. Please receive our apologies for the delay.

The reason why the synthetic variable is not working as expected is because of the time range selected “7T”, seven minutes, this range cannot be divided into equal parts. Having that in mind the expression will only work with numbers that divide 60 minutes evenly, like “2T”, “5T”, “10T” and so on, as explained in the following article.

Let me know if you have any additional problem.

All the best,

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