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[SOLVED] Three devices no longer updating Ubidots STEM

As of September 5th, my Ubidots STEM account appears to no longer be accepting/updating data from my three devices.
Across the three they were averaging a total of ~1200 dots/day.
I don’t see any messages/log info that is telling me what is going on. Any advice on where to look next?

  • doug

Hi @dfreymann,

Thank you for letting us know about this situation.

Can you please advise the devices and protocols you are using to send data? Additionally, in your profile in the usage tab, you can see your dots out and in consumption to ensure you haven’t passed the limit for STEM accounts, which is 4,000 dots in and 50,000 dots out per day.

All the best,

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I’m using Particle Photons mostly, and using the Ubidots library. Here is some info:

From my usage (data stopped uploading on 9/6/20) -

  • Usage Dots In ~1200/day (6600 for month total to 9/6/20)
  • Dots Out (API) ~18000 for month total to 9/6/20
  • Dots Out (Synthetic) ~400/day (2755 total to 9/6/20)
  • Devices 3

I’m using the Ubidots library: e.g.

// 7.14.20
#include "Ubidots.h"

// 7.10.20 Ubidots migration
// 7.10.20 Send all measurements at the same time
        ubidots.add(VARIABLE_SOC, stateOfCharge);
        ubidots.add(VARIABLE_VOLTAGE, cellVoltage);
        ubidots.add(VARIABLE_TEMPERATURE, howHot);
        ubidots.add(VARIABLE_WATER_VALUE, waterValue);

        bool bufferSent = false;
        bufferSent = ubidots.send(UBIDOTS_DEVICE);


OK, UBI_EDUCATIONAL was not ‘working’. Simple change:


All good now.

  • doug

Hi @dfreymann,

Thank you for your response. Indeed if you are a STEM user, you should use UBI_INDUSTRIAL as UBI_EDUCATIONAL is only for Ubidots for Educational users, which are being advised to switch to Ubidots STEM.

All the best,