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[SOLVED] Time of Day variable

I’d like to make a trigger that basically says “if door is open AND the time is between 1A and 6A then send an SMS”

I thought that the best way would be to simply make a synthetic variable that says something simple like “Hour” and then use a time function. But it isn’t clear to me how to do this?

Any ideas?

Team - I just realized that the way to do this is to set the variable using event schedules. I found the article by using google/duckduckgo search though - was not successful using the ubidots site search.

Nope. I was wrong again. There is a 3rd dialog-ish screen that has a time period when the alert is active. I discovered that and now all is well. Takes a little getting used to, but so far the system is very good - once one figures out where all the right places to do something exist.

Hi @marlanw,

So nice to know that you found that last dialog page in the events’ configuration where you can set the active windows for the event, that exactly the way to achieve that AND condition for the time between 1AM and 6AM.

Have a good one.