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[SOLVED] Trouble using http delete command

I am trying to use http delete to remove values of one of my variables.
When I send the command “DELETE /api/v1.6/variables/5908e8ab7625421b6cd75882/values/0/1496350478” I get a 404 response which I understand to mean that Ubidots couldn’t find the variable but I have verified that the ID is correct. I am sure it is something obvious


Hello @msprauve,

Please reference to this article, if you still getting the same issue let me know!

All the best,
Maria C.

Hi Maria,
I have read the article and I believe that I have formatted the command correctly, below is my fully formatted message (by the way I am using the chipkit WiFire board)

DELETE /api/v1.6/variables/{ID}/values/0/1496350478/page_size=1 HTTP/1.1
Host: things.ubidots.com
User-Agent: chipKitWiFire/1.0
X-Auth-Token: {TOKEN_ID}
Connection: close

Hello @msprauve,

Do you refer to the API REST reference too? If not, please go to it clicking here.

The HTTP request for DELETE should be like this one: