[SOLVED] Tutorials to send commands to device


I now use my esp8266 send values to ubidots and I can see some nice temperature readings.
No I have hardcoded a function that triggers a relay when the temperature is higher than my setpoint. And kicks off again when temperature is lower than a setpoint-deadband.

I can adjust the "SETPOINT"and “DEADBAND” through some buttons on my LCD keypad shield, but also want to do this remotely. Had hoped that I can send commands from the ubidots site, but don’t know how. And also did not find a tutorial with similar things.

Any advice is more than welcome :slight_smile:


Hello @lxx33,

Your project sounds great!:smiley: At the moment we do not have a tutorial specifically for that, but you can follow one of our blogs post maybe would help you!

Also, don’t forget take a look to our account on Hackster and Instructables. There you will find many tutorials with different purposes.



tnx and I will do that. It would be so nice for the less computer skilled people to have a tutorial. For like a greenhouse. indoor herb garden. I will do my best :slight_smile: to make something working. When I have something working I will post it. Maybe it will help others.


Hey @lxx33,

We’re here to help you if you have any doubt! Once you publish your project let us know to share it with our communities too, also we can give you a credits bonus! :smiley:

Best Regards,
Maria C.