Hello to all,
I was working on this big presentation using ubidots and as soon as I added a slider widget, my whole dashboard crashed. And now i cant access the dashboard anymore, it loads then switches to a blank screen. Please HELP!
Any way how to remove that slider switch? Maybe the developers can access my dashboard and remove the widget themselves?



Greetings @anizali1992, can you share with us your Ubidots username and the dashboard name in order to check the issue?

I will be attentive.

All the best


Hi @jotathebest. I was able to resolve the issue myself. Before crashing I get a split second where it shows the dashboard. So within that second, after numerous tries i was able to delete the widget. then it was back to normal. But for future reference, the dashboard crashed after I edited the slider widget and in the maximum and minimum entries, i entered nothing, it was just blank. So you may want to look into that bug.


Thank you very much for your feedback, I have added your report to our bug backlog in order to solve it.

Have a nice rest of your day.