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[SOLVED] Ubidots Library prevents compile under Particle FW 2.0.0

Hello, Ubidots Community!

First post here – unfortunately it’s to report a bug.

Particle just released last week their 2.0.0 FW for their Gen 3 devices. As part of this major release, they have removed Mesh networking (which they announced months ago would be happening).

The Ubidots library now prevents Particle code from compiling – and it seems to be related to the removal of Particle Mesh.


Hello @MichaelM,

Ubidots library for Particle devices has been built and proven to work around Particle’s firmware v1.4.4 so for the time being, compatibility is provided up to this version.

Now, in regards to v2.0.0, it makes sense Ubidots library throws compiling errors since they have remove support of Mesh networks, which Ubidots library does still support.
Furthermore, v2.0.0 is still a Release Candidate (rc1), presumably until August 15th. After there is a stable version in place, Ubidots will update the library to support v2.0.0 and decide if it’s possible to still support Mesh devices.


Thank you, David.

Good to hear, and much appreciated. :slight_smile: