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[SOLVED] Ubidots Node-RED Publish and Subscribe nodes not working

In the article:

users are encouraged to download ubidots node-RED nodes.

In following the article, I enter the API token and I get indicators in the node-RED canvas that the nodes succeed in connecting.

But I don’t get back the data as expected.

If I continue along in the article, using the node-RED MQTT nodes, then I can publish and subscribe.

Anyone have knowledge about what might be going on?

Turns out (thanks to David at Ubidots) that the inject node’s data type must be declared to be JSON, not just the A-Z String type. This care is not needed for the native MQTT Pub/Sub to work.

Hi there @jjs357, I am glad to know that you could find the solution to your issue, thankf for sharing it with the community.

All the best