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[SOLVED] Ubidots Posting GPS data via Particle Webhook


I am attempting to post ‘automatic’ GPS information to my Ubidots device via a Webhook with my Particle Electron. My device will be moving and not a static location.

The hook response says I am not posting the correct data through the webhook.

I have setup a variable position that outputs GPS coordinates formatted as follows (example data):


lat: 41.8781, lon: 87.6298

Ubidots kicks it back saying the data is not usable. However, I do see the variable “position” at my device which means the webhook is connecting. There is not any data being shown at the variable.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Greetings, please make sure that your payload is being built as follows:

{"position": {"value": 1, "context":{"lat": 41.8781, "lng": 87.6298}}}

The value can be any number, and the lat and long should be inside the context.

All the best

Here is the string I’m trying to use to output to the cloud

String location = String::format("{“value”: 1, “context” : {“lat”: %f, “lng”: %f}}}", t.readLatDeg(), t.readLonDeg());

Here is the particle call to action to publish the event "position"

Particle.publish(“location”, location, 60, PRIVATE);

Here is the event being published


Here is the data being published

{“value”: 1, “context” : {“lat”: 0.000000, “lng”: 0.000000}}}

Here is what the webhook returns

status_code: 400, errors {value: [A valid number is required.

Greetings, I see an additional curly bracket, ‘}’, at the end of the data, can you print the entire payload published? Including also the variable label? A 400 error means that your payload is not valid, so I suspect that it is not being built properly.

All the best