[SOLVED] Ubidotsgetcontext.cpp and header linking error for Particle Web IDE


It appears there is a linking error in for the ubidotsgetcontext.cpp and header files. When I use the Particle IDE and add the ubidots library, I get an error “Ubidots.h: No such file or directory”. I could be wrong but looking at the cpp file it looks like the include should have angles brackets and not quotes. If there is any way I can resolve this, it would be appreciated. Thanks!


Greetings @espace, there is not any issue in the headers of the library, the error “Ubidots.h: No such file or directory” means that you have not included the library inside your app. I have made a small test and it works properly for me:

Please ensure that you are using the last version of the library, also if you still experience issues using the web IDE you can try through the CLI particle’s app.



Hey Jota, thanks for the reply. I also posted this to the particle forum and figured out what the issue was. I was including the library but had to do a firmware update in order to include V2 libraries. Thanks!