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[SOLVED] Ubidots's Timeout?

I use MQTT in C to connect to Ubidots from Linux. I sent PINGREG every 30s, and the 58th Ubidots dit not send PINGRESP, which means my code worked for about 30 minutes. Can anyone tell me what is this problem?
Thank you for reading!

Hello @nghick001,

Our technical team will contact you to help you as soon as possible!

Best Regards,
Maria C.

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I tried several times use code only to send PINGREQ. At the 58th again, Ubitdots did not send PINGRESP.

I tried another way by sending data to a device, and send PINGREQ also. It stop after about 25 minutes, and sometimes die after 10 minutes.
I think it is not about the number of PINGREQ, but what exactly is the time that Ubidots consider client disconnected after not receiving any PINGREQ?

Hello @nghick001,

I assigned your issue to the technical team. They was working on and made some changes on it. At the moment they discard what are causing the issue, so now it will work about 40 minutes, so please, can you make the test again and let us know if is right?

Thank you @mariahernandez and technical team,
I tried several times: send only PINGREQ or send PINGREQ with PUBLISH. It’s true that the connection remain for about 40 minutes. Can you please make it longer, or can you tell me how to keep the connection until I shutdown my program?
Thank you in advance!

Hey @nghick001,

Thank you so much for the report!! Is an advance to us and for you too :slight_smile:

During the tests with found out that the issue is caused for some things on tecnnical security. The technical team will be review the issue again, to verify the right way to make the implementation to solved this.

So, I’ll let you know any advance. Again, thanks so much to let us know the issue.

Best Regards,
Maria C.

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Hello, I Have a similar problem.

I use MQTT in C, using Arduino IDE to program a dragino LG01 device, but sometimes the data is lost.

I have tried to run mosquitto_pub directly from the Linux terminal of the LG01 dragino device with debug messages and mosquitto_pub shows the following message:

“Client mosqpub/2317-dragino-19 sending CONNECT
Error: The connection was lost”

when this message does not appear, the data is not lost. This problem doesn’t happen every time but I don’t understand why it happens and it can’t be by my internet connection.

I don’t know if it’s an ubidots problem or what’s happening.

Thank you for reading!

Greetings, if you are using an educational account, sometimes you may experience long delays in the connection due to the workload of the free-educational server. If you are looking for an increased uptime my advise is to create an industrial account.

All the best