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[SOLVED] UDP Post responses

I am using UDP to POST data to ubidots and it is working fine. If I send two variables successfully I get OK|OK| as a response. What I was wondering is what if the POST was not successful? What should I expect in response? Is this documented somewhere? The only documentation that I have found so far for sending via UDP is http://help.ubidots.com/developer-guides/sendretrieve-data-from-ubidots-over-tcp-or-udp.


Hello @larrycook99,

Refering to the UDP protocol definition you will note that the procotol doesn’t guarantee the delivery of the data, also it doesn’t provided a response of the request sent. Internally at Ubidots, we provide a friendly response:

  • OK - Success
  • Fail - Error

But we doesn’t guarantee that you are going to receive the answer in every request.

All the best,
Maria C.