[SOLVED] Untrashing a device


I have trashed a device from Ubidots and would like to recycle it
The processor {Photon} is operating and should be reporting but trashing has cut the connection


Greetings @SunO, I do not understand your post, what do you mean by ‘recycle’ and ‘trashed’?



I have 30 Photons reporting as devices to Ubidots
For one Photon I have navigated to devices hovered over statusand pressed the trash icon
I now wish to allow this Photon to report back thru Ubidots


Greetings @SunO, if you erased your device from your Particle account, follow their setup guide to add again to your account. Once you have it available again at particle web IDE, upload your customized firmware again.



The photon is has remained running on the Particle account constantly and is operating a valve
I trashed the device in the ubidots devices page and it is no longer visible in ubidots.
I have reloaded the firmware to the Photon but it has not reappeared on ubidots
I have copied the photon ID onto a new device in ubidots but no result


Greetings @SunO, if you have 30 photons reporting to Ubidots you have reached the max limit of devices to be created for educational accounts. If you need more, I advise you to gently ask for a business license here or erase some devices to be able to create a new one.