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[SOLVED] Using Arduino UNO with ESP8266 and SoftwareSerial


is it possible to use the Arduino UNO with an ESP8266 as an Wi-Fi adapter with SoftwareSerial (or I2C for saving pins) instead of using hardware serial as mentioned in the tutorial with Arduino MEGA?

I read the topic posted a few days before but I don´t understand it.

Will it work if I just change the speed of the ESP8266 and the UNO and in the scetches to 9600 baud (SoftwareSerial has problems with higher speeds than 9600 baud) ?

I already changed the speed of my ESP8266 to 9600 baud for other projects to use with SoftwareSerial.

Another question: In the tutorial the RX-pin of the ESP8266 is directly connected to th 5V-TX-pin (18) of the MEGA, wouldn´t this destroy the ESP8266 which is an 3,3 V device?

Didn´t I need a level shifter (e.g. voltage divider) ?

Greetings and thanks for your help


Greetings @tom-rock please refer to this article to know how to use an ESP8266 as a telemetry unit.