[SOLVED] Using Variables in Event Texts


Is it possible to use variables to customize the texts in event-actions e.g. the text of mail, SMS or the http body? If not, this would be a killer feature :slight_smile:


Hi @Manfred, yes is possible, in this moment you can use the following options:

{{variable.properties.<key>}} => ex: {{variable.properties.serial}}
{{context.<key>}} => ex: {{context.lat}} or {{context.lng}}

An example:

These options can be used in the SMS message, email or in the body of the HTTP


Wow, that’s great news.

Thanks for the instant reply,


Can we add a little note in the Event configuration window that just pops up a variable list of this or something? I was just about to post the exact same thing here in the forums asking about this. Would be great to present the option in the dashboard so people know it exists already.

Also, it’s FANTASTIC! My alerts get cooler and more detailed by the day!


Greetings @jboswell, thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass your suggestions to the development team.