[SOLVED] Variable view with "Custom date" not working properly



I often need to look at an individual variable in a custom time range. On the variable page, when I set it to “Last day”, “Last week”, etc, the plot displays correctly. However, when I try to set a “Custom date”, it very rarely displays the date range set – usually it just shows one or two days in the range, or a completely random day.

You can see some screenshots below with the date range I tried to set and the resulting plot display. Is there a way to make this work correctly? Thanks.


Hello @sokol,

One of our technical team will contact you as soon as possible to help you with!

All the best.


Great, thank you!


Hello @sokol,

I made a test with different variables setting a “custom data”, and I’m not able to replay your issue. As you can see on the image below, the data range works properly:

Please, can you try again and verify if you still get the issue? If the issue insists, let me know.

All the best,
Maria C.


Yes, this happens pretty much every time I try to use Custom Date (or at least 90% of the time), as long as I have been recording data on Ubidots. Just tried again with several other variables on different devices, see screenshots below.


Greetings @sokol,

How many dots do you have at that data range? For free educational users, the max amount of dots to retrieve inside your wdigets and variables view is 500, so for a long data range like yours (201-06-06 to 2017-06-12) you will retrieve the last 500 dots only, even if you have more. This boundary was implemented as free users share server’s resources, so to maintain our service healthy to all our free users we limit the queries to retrieve data. Business users don’t have this limitation, if you want to give a try you can ask a free 30 days trial here.



Hi @jotathebest,

I definitely have more than 500 dots in that data range, so that must be the issue. Thank you for explaining.

It would be great if Ubidots made the limitations associated with the Educational user status much clearer on its website – this specific one was not mentioned anywhere when I was signing up (or even now, as far as I can tell from a quick look in your documentation, e.g. here: http://help.ubidots.com/faqs-and-troubleshooting/what-is-the-difference-between-the-educational-and-business-licenses ), and it is very frustrating to encounter issues like this once you’ve already committed to using a service.


You are rigth @sokol, we are working to take off some boundaries that we implemented to give the best performance to our educational users when they use our shared services. We will updated all this information in our website soon.

Also, if you need to export all your data, feel free to ask it using the embedded chat inside the Ubidots site.



Hi @jotathebest,

I am trying to export all of my data via the link in my profile (Usage/Backup Your Data), but a popup says it is only available to Business Users.
I tried downloading individual device data, but I am not getting any data before July 1st (http://community.ubidots.com/t/data-over-1-month-old-not-displaying-downloading/1117). What can I do?



Greetings @sokol, I would like to notify you that the limit of 500 dots for free educational users has been taken off. We implemented this limit during a massive migration to improve our core last month, as the migration has finished actually the only limit for exports is 3 months of data, so feel free to ask for your data using our frontend utility to export csv.



Wonderful! Thanks!



Actually, just checked and I am still only able to view/download data starting July 1 (both through API or through requesting “Export Device Data to CSV”). Can you please let me know when it’ll be possible to get the older data?


Greetings @sokol, may you provide me your username, the variable and device labels for checking please?



Hi @jotathebest,

My usename is juliasokol and you can check device 13_sh_p_t, any variable.



Greetings @sokol,

I have performed a new export csv and it seems that you can retrieve data from your variables since May, please try again and let me know if you experience any issue.

Also, I will send write to your inbox a link to download the generated csv file.

Have a nice week.


Thank you. I also tried again a few days ago and it worked this time (i was able to get data from before July 1). Thanks anyway for the link!