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[SOLVED] Viewing Multiple Devices Variables on a Single Dashboard

Currently I have 2 devices set up within Ubidots, but if I stick with Ubidots will likely scale up to multiple hundreds of devices in various locations. If a client has multiple field units, each with their own device, is there a way they can view the total of these devices on one dashboard? I would like to be able to view individually the devices, but also the totals of all devices together within a dashboard. Is there currently a way to set this up/is there going to be in the near future?

Greetings, you should group your customer’s devices in the same organization and then retrieve the number of devices from that organization.

From our docs, you may retrieve the total number of devices from an org using the endpoint below:


where <organization_key> is the id or label of the Organization preceed by the prefix ~

From the expected answer, you can extract the key devicesCount to retrieve the number of devices.

You can do both tasks to make the request and to show the result in a dashboard using the HTML canvas.

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Sorry @jotathebest , I should have been more clear. I don’t necessarily need to find the count of the devices, but more so a summation of all of their metrics. For example, one metric we are measuring is pounds of food in a digestion tank. For example, if say Amazon had 5 tanks at various locations for example, is there a way to see the total number of pounds of food being processed by Amazon at a given time? We want to do this for all (or most) of our variables.

I see, just use the synthetic variables engine to sum the values of the variables that you wish to aggregate. Keep in mind that if your dots have different timestamps, you will have to use the fill_missing() function.

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Awesome! Thank you for your help. I think that is exactly what we’re looking for.