[SOLVED] Web front end reliability?


I’ve only been using Ubidots for a couple of months, but I’m finding the web front end is pretty unreliable. Probably 30% of the time I get errors with my dashboards, I can’t login or I get a generic message about the system being unavailable.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Hello @Wedgie
The errors you experimented are not frontend related, those are messages that are there when there’s an outage in the service.

Last night we experimented some outages on the Educational version, that’s why you saw those errors.



Is the site down again? I can’t log in, again.


Hello, we are working under normal conditions right now but during this week free educational users would experience some lag at the platform due some maintenance jobs that we will make to improve the performance of our core.



Created an account because I was having other issues with the Dashboards (taking AGES to display graphs with lots of data, 24 hour & weekly graphs with 1min resolution).

Just have to say, the free version should ideally be as stable as whatever the paid one is, just more limited. It’s a REALLY bad idea to use the free version as your testbed!

I am using the free version to decide whether or not to give you guys money! I would’ve already paid for a business license by now if things weren’t so ridiculously unstable, instead I am off looking for other options because this whole thing feels super beta’y.

At the very least, if the free version is going to be where you testbed then it should be stated up front when we sign up, offer an even more limited “stable” version as a default or something.

TL;DR: Your free product is where every new customer you get is experiencing your platform, it should be rock solid!



Glad it’s not just me. My thoughts exactly!


Dear users @jboswell @Wedgie,

We firstly want to appologize for the outages that you have experienced. You are correct that the educational license were designed to help someone prototype and the business license for deployment. For users like yourself, we recommend using a 30 Day Business Trial to test and design a front-end with zero commitment or obligations.

To your remarks on reliability, I want to assure you that this is a focus of our and daily are improving the functionality of the Educational License you enjoy daily (or semi-enjoy daily). Additionally, thank you for your constructive criticism on notifying users of additional functionality away from the Educational and create an incentive to sign-up for the 30 Day Free Trial.

All the best,
Maria C.


Ah beautiful, yeah I will try out the business one!

Thank you!


If you desire, you can reach out to sales@ubidots.com with any questions regarding custom development.

Best Regards,
Maria C.


By the way, how do I switch my account over to the Business version? Not seeing anything in my settings page


Hey @jboswell,

We have taken the liberty of setting up your Business License. Please understand that migrating from Educational License to the Business Trial is a manual process and I have contacted our sales team on your behalf to help set you up. Please expect a direct message from a member of our sales team within the next few hours.

All the best,
Maria C.