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STEM acct. publishing data issue

I created a new account and I follow the instructions to test it with both ChromeLens and MQTT.fx. (things.ubidots.com :: /api/v1.6/devices/chromelens :: { “temperature” : 29 }) In both cases I can connect, but when I publish to my new variable it disconnects. In fact, the same things happens if I leave the text blank or the device path.

I noticed that my variable uses: https://industrial.ubidots.com/app/devices/5f17329e1d847254d3c8fbf5.
However, in the Youtube video the adress is:

So I deleted the account and created a new one, but same problem and the address is industrial.ubidots.com. Any suggestions?

Good day @correa_a,

I hope all is well.

Please make sure to be using the URL industrial.api.ubidots.com instead of things.ubidots.com as the last one is only for Ubidots For Educational accounts, that is being slowly shut down and replaced Ubidots STEM.

In case the problem persists, can you please share the MQTTfx settings to verify that they are correct?

All the best,