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Stem Dashboard "Error loading your data Something went wrong on our end"

In last couple of days I’m unable to access my dashboards, widgets just show

Error loading your data, Something went wrong on our end and we were unable to load your data.

I tried deleting all device data, it doesn’t seem to be and ingestion / extraction limit issue. Usage dashboard doest seem to contain any or correct numbers yet latest data is show in device

Whatever caused it seems to have been fixed …now started working without doing anything. Thanks Steve

Hello @SteveintheIOW,

We’re sorry to hear that you were having issues with the data visualization. If you’re still presenting this inconvenient, please let me know and send us your Ubidots username to have a look into it.

Best Regards,
–Maria Camila

Hi Maria

Many thanks for getting back to me

My user name :- steveintheIOW

My initial reported problem of the message ‘Error loading data something went wrong at our end ‘ in dashboard appeared to become resolved after a day or two with no intervention from me, may be just a glitch in the system. However I do wonder if there could be some error in my account set up.:-

When I look at my usage I often see ingestion and retrieved values as 0 .

Yet clearly I am posting (ingesting) data and frequently retrieve (extract) data, probably 3000 points a day ingested or so - take a look at my usage table and then dashboard data sets - every day in March has 3000 data points ingested.

Sometimes I also see a yellow warning bar saying I’ve exceeded or about to exceed my daily extraction limit. Now, that could be possible where I have been messing with code etc, however at that time or say the next day when I look at my usage data table its still says zero usage for ingestion and extraction ? – that seems pretty weird or perhaps I have something wrong in my setup or my understanding.

You have a great system the way, I’ve been completely impressed . This is a PV solar hot water design is hopefully is destined to be sold into various countries starting with South Africa.

Many thanks again for your help.