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Storing the average values from Dashboard for use in other calculations

I am trying to take the data from a widget on my dashboard and use it in other calculations. I am currently tracking press brake cycles on a few Bystronic press brakes in our shop. I send Ubidots a signal when a cycle is completed, and I output the average cycles per hour to a Bar chart widget.

I want to be able to use the hourly averages that the widget calculates and use it for another calculation. I plan to take the average cycles/hour and convert it to seconds/cycle, which is a metric our shop uses to gauge our production efficiency. Any thoughts? Not sure if I have to create a new variable or if there’s a way to simply take the widget data and use it elsewhere.

Good day @ztuuk,

Thank you for your question, in this case, is necessary to create a synthetic variable that calculates the average of the cycles per hour, as is not possible to use the widget data to make the calculation. The expression will be similar to the one below.

mean(cycle, "H")

For more information about synthetic variables, please refer to the following article.