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Subscribe data over MQTT

I connect desktop mqtt client (MQTT Explorer) with MQTT Broker and I can send data cloud, but if I change anything on dashboard using for example button widget. None message go back to me.

As You see on screenshots, I can send data from PC to cloud (and cloud accept and show this data) but if I click on widget:

On my mqtt client nothing is happen. What is wrong? I try do it using node client and try this sample: Ubidots MQTT Broker | Ubidots Help Centerxap7cc_gaMTcxMDA3MTQ2NC4xNjY1MDc4NTA3_ga_VEME7QQ5EZ*MTY2NTQwOTU5OS4zLjEuMTY2NTQwOTc2Mi4wLjAuMA… but this console client too do not receive any data

Hello, @sosnus

Thanks for reaching out,

For being able to check the changes on a variable when using a switch button you have to be subscribed to that same variable or use an MQTT wild card to subscribe to all variables from the same device, for more information check our MQTT documentation here.

By subscribing to the topic /v1.6/devices/client-pc/# you should be able to get any data coming from any of the 4 variables that you show on the screenshot, if you wish to retrieve the information of only the button then subscribe to /v1.6/devices/client-pc/button if you want the last value only, then use /v1.6/devices/button/lv.