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Subscribing in Wonderware InTouch

I am trying to subscribe to my tags in Wonderware InTouch. MQTT is supported, but Wonderware’s documentation is quite sparse. I am wondering whether anyone knows of articles or Tech Notes on this subject. I am not asking others to do my work for me, just please point me in the direction of additional knowledge.

Thank you.

Hello @wrcarlson ,

I hope this note finds you well.

I’ve been looking at the Wonderware documentation and I did find one article that explains how to connect to the HiveMQ broker, you can obtain more information by clicking here. Certainly, we don’t have an article that explains this process, but you could try setting our broker URL, port, topic, and username as explained in our API.

Nevertheless, first I’d like to recommend you, verify if the outgoing JSON from Wonderware is an accepted JSON in Ubidots. If you want, you can send me a screenshot of the JSON to verify from my side if this JSON can be sent directly to Ubidots.

Best Regards,

– Leonardo