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Synthetic Variable where() - return null if false

I have a rainfall tipping bucket device with a variable sending total bucket tip counts since starting. During periods of no rainfall, the variable returns the same value as the previous timestamp.

i have a synthetic vriable calculating the delta (increase in pulse counts) from the previous reading.

is it possible to use the where() function to ignore creating a value (dot/data point) in the synthetic variable if the function is false?


Is it possible for ubidots to perform this where() function to the original count variable, at the time it recieves the data (from The Thing Network via ubidots plugin).

the end game is to not ingest redundant data containing periods with the same values

Hello @windorah

Within the where() function, you can ignore creating a value in the synthetic variable. You only need to specify a condition that checks whether the current value differs from the immediately preceding value of the original variable. If the condition is true, you can set the expression to be applied, and if the condition is false, no expression will be applied. This means that if the condition doesn’t evaluate to true, the function will exclude that data from processing.

Look at this link for more information about the where() function.

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