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Tables data column mapping


Im building a device that controls industrial lubrication systems. Its build off a pycom LoPy4
In my application i track different events and errors and map them down into a byte array payload that i transmit via LoRawan to Helium Network to Ubidots,

I would like to be able to display a human readable description of the event in a table.

Column in my tables would be
Times stamp, event description, status, error description,

Example. When i receive a 0x00 byte in the event slot of the payload message . it would Display ‘Lubrication Cycle Completed ‘ in the event description column.
And if i get a 0x00 byte in the Error slot of the payload it would Display ‘System Operational’ in the status column and ´null’ in the error Description column

Is there a way to achieve this at the ubidot level? Or do i have to use the decoder in helium to create maps and pass allong the full string via the helium/Ubidots connector ?


Hello @Etremblay,
Thank you for your thorough explanation.

Taking into account that our API doesn’t admit non-number values as the Dot itself, you’ll have to send the byte data or its mapped values into the Context field of the Dot (for more information on this, please view this article).

The best way that I would tackle this, is to make sure that the decoder in Helium maps the Byte values into the Human Readable Description (either event description, error description, or status) and from there include them into the Context of the Dot (make sure to send a dummy or real numerical value so that the Dot is admitted).

Once the data is in Ubidots, A Values Table Widget would be precisely what you need, as you may show in a table the values that are received to a variable and also show the context values (the descriptions) included in the Dot. Here’s an article for more information on the Values Table

Best regards,

Hey Sebastian,

Thank you for your response, i think this makes sense to me i will give it a try.


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