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TheThingsStack Open Source and Ubidots for 2 more more device types


I have the following system up and running finally:

  • Ubidots Entrepreneur
  • The Things Stack Opensource - running on Linode 2G
  • Ionos DNS pointing the packets to the right spot.
  • Dragino LSO8 Outdoor Gateway
  • A SINGLE dragino LDS02 (open/close detect)

This is working and it is VERY FAST. I’ve read over the literature on how to hook up a single device. Very happy.

What ISN’T clear: How do I hook up a 2nd device type - for example an LHT52?

I can’t see what the strategy is:

  • I THINK it might be to have the TTN stack send JSON as “dots” to a single plugin on Ubidots. Can you confirm?
  • Or do you want a Plug-in PER DEVICE type? The problem there is that I don’t see how on the TTS console to assign different integrations to sets of devices. Maybe I’m just missing that piece, but I can’t find it.

Or maybe there is another strategy?


Hello Ubidotters - If you look at the TTN Plug-in, you can COMMENT OUT the per-plug-in decoder idea and COMMENT BACK IN the fact that TTN will send over the JSON in the payload as a “dot”.

The devices are AUTO CREATED. At this point, I don’t see how to upload and get TTN to lookup the right devices (long story) so you have to create devices one at a time. That is OK though as I realized I need to re-join everything (cycle power, press buttons, etc.)

This is VERY good - now I think if I could attach different device types to the devices and have the plug-in somewhat ignore the device then I would have a way to have generic variables on a per device type ( for example in the US we still like Fahrenheit - so a device type level synthetic would be really handy)

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Hello, Marlan

Thanks for reaching out,

In addition to your latest comment regarding device types and synthetic variables, keep in mind that we support scaling in raw variables (check the documentation here), thus avoiding the need for synthetic variables for tasks such as converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees.




I think the BEST strategy is this for Ubidots/TTS integration: 1 Plugin PER device type (so 1 plugin for Dragino LH65N for example). This allows you to utilize the automatic features of Ubidots of applying the Device Types. I also think it means faster Ubidots in a small way.

On a related note: In TTS Opensource, I think you define one application PER device type as well. I think applications in the LNS means a single type of sensor. This way you can use a single decoder in TTS and apply it to everything.

Eventually, if you want more users to help you in TTS, then I think you really need to upgrade to TTS hosted and pay a little money. The idea of a collection of various sensors is I think grouped together in the idea of tenants.

Anyway, I’ve NOT done this and my life is HARDER. So I’m sharing what I see as a better way to make your lives easier.