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TheThingsStack Open Source and Ubidots for 2 more more device types


I have the following system up and running finally:

  • Ubidots Entrepreneur
  • The Things Stack Opensource - running on Linode 2G
  • Ionos DNS pointing the packets to the right spot.
  • Dragino LSO8 Outdoor Gateway
  • A SINGLE dragino LDS02 (open/close detect)

This is working and it is VERY FAST. I’ve read over the literature on how to hook up a single device. Very happy.

What ISN’T clear: How do I hook up a 2nd device type - for example an LHT52?

I can’t see what the strategy is:

  • I THINK it might be to have the TTN stack send JSON as “dots” to a single plugin on Ubidots. Can you confirm?
  • Or do you want a Plug-in PER DEVICE type? The problem there is that I don’t see how on the TTS console to assign different integrations to sets of devices. Maybe I’m just missing that piece, but I can’t find it.

Or maybe there is another strategy?


Hello Ubidotters - If you look at the TTN Plug-in, you can COMMENT OUT the per-plug-in decoder idea and COMMENT BACK IN the fact that TTN will send over the JSON in the payload as a “dot”.

The devices are AUTO CREATED. At this point, I don’t see how to upload and get TTN to lookup the right devices (long story) so you have to create devices one at a time. That is OK though as I realized I need to re-join everything (cycle power, press buttons, etc.)

This is VERY good - now I think if I could attach different device types to the devices and have the plug-in somewhat ignore the device then I would have a way to have generic variables on a per device type ( for example in the US we still like Fahrenheit - so a device type level synthetic would be really handy)