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Time range on map view


I find that every time I refresh my browser for the dashboard view, the time range setting I selected for the map view dissapears. Is there a way to select a time range and it displays that time range every time I open that dashboard?

Hello @agrisense,

To establish a specific time range for the charts, you have to assign it from the settings widget:

I hope this would help you.

All the best,
Maria C.

I don’t think you understand my question. It has to do with the map widget specifically, as I mentioned in the first post.

When I set the time range display to example last 24 hours, and I refresh the screen a bit later, the track for the last 24 hours dissappears. I find that I have to specifiy the time range each and every time I load the screen.

The map widget does not have time range in the settings window.

Is there a way for the widget to keep the last saved “time range” value? This would be a basic functionality I would think.


Oh… My mistake, I had a bad understanding. I’m sorry for that!

Regrettably at the moment the map widget doesn’t support that requirement, but it can be included under demand. For more information about it, please refer your question to sales@ubidots.com

All the best,
Maria C.