[TO BE SOLVED] Send and Retrieve value on a single Arduino YUN


I have an Arduino YUN and 2 sensors attached to it with a water pump.

What I am trying to do is send value from the sensors to Ubidots and at the same time retrieve value from a variable in Ubidots to on and off the water pump.

I have tried sending and retrieving one separate sketches and both works. But when I combine them together, the sending still works but at the line of code : float value = client.getValue(WATERPUMPID);,
the Arduino hangs at that line.

I am wondering if it is possible to do what I am doing, and if it is possible how should I go about doing it.


Hello @ChuinS,

Sorry for the inconvenience you have to going through. We just made a test following your issue, and we reproduce it. In order of this, we’re going to review the Arduino YUN library to verify where can be the problem.

Thanks so much for report it, we will let you know any advance! :wink:

All the best,
Maria C.