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Transfer Data from one Device to Another

If I have one device (identified by its unique serial number) that has been sending data points for while and it dies, is there a way to transfer the existing data to a new device that has a different serial number? I want to make sure there is not a disruption in the historical data just because a device dies.

Thank you!

I push data using Particle devices based upon their device ID. This shows up as the API Label in the Ubidots device. If you have a device die or need to change it for any reason, you put the new device into service and merely need to change the API Label (in Ubidots) of the existing device to match the serial number of the new device. The new physical device will push data to the existing Ubidots data, thereby retaining the historical data.

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Hi @Backpacker87

The explanation provided by @ctmorrison is right. Please do as he advises to merge the historical data to that new coming in from the new replacement devices.


One slight update…if you know the new device ID, then I’d change the API Label in the Ubidots device prior to powering it up. This will avoid having a new Ubidots created automatically which you would subsequently want/need to delete.