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I built a sketch in arduino IDE, with an ESP32 + SIM800L to connect to ubidots by GPRS. I did everything that is indicated to me for the configuration of the IoT device in UDIBOTS and I added the MQTT server + MQTT port + TOKEN + Device_ID + Topic and the device connects but in the UBIDOTS dashboard it does not show any data, the device does not connect.

UART Terminal:
Initializing modem…
Connecting to APN: internet.comcel.com.co OK
Connecting to Connecting to MQTT Server…
Publish message: {“humidity”:75.65,“temperature”:25.55}
Status: 1
Humidity: 75.65
Temperature: 25.55
GPRS disconnected

Hello @danielelec1, for us and our community to be able to help you, can you please:

1. Make sure that you’re using the appropriate MQTT broker URL. For your reference:

  • If you have an Industrial (trial or licensed) or STEM account, the URL is industrial.api.ubidots.com

2. Can you please share the configuration of the following parameters in your code:

  • MQTT broker,
  • Port
  • Device
  • Token (please make sure to only show the last 4 characters of your token to avoid exposed your Ubidots credentials)

Lastly, before we or our community can provide any inputs, check out our

Cellular Pre-flight checklist

to make sure you’re device is already connected to the Internet:

1. Is my device connected to the Internet?

This can be as simple as putting your SIM card in a phone and checking if it has data coverage. Then, do the same with your device and try to reach the outside world with a corresponding AT command.

2. Can you Publish or Subscribe via MQTT?

To check this, simply publish or subscribe to an external site and make sure your hardware is working correctly.

I’ll be attentive to your results.